that aqua

i apparently cant see why she is prefer to buy water for her ALONE, rather than share it. is that her with her “i don’t have problem with money” or me, who always come up with idea, “we can buy and share it together”, be the problem?

Go to hell with ur gallon of aqua. i swear i wont drink it.

euforia pemilu

maaf Indonesia..

aku golput lagi..

kalau ada putaran kedua,, pasti daku ikut..

semoga ada..

random bubblings

routines – might be a term in IT, but for me just a slight conscious moment to hardly stop grieving, complaining, blaming or just asking and chose to do it in the same way others do it. i hate to be similar though

what’s the matter of being envy? envy others who did things better is a good sign of any reformation. stop say, “be grateful”. i don’t know how to do it.

arifle, pizza and coding. i guess i miss it


i am tired

i can not even think another words precious writen here

cause i am tired and i am crying,

i am moron, pathetic and dumb

and somehow,,, somehow i dont need to hear any words like ‘be patient, be thankful or be calm’.

i just need your hands, your words, your steady, your understanding.

i am egoist then,

but give me hours to burst out my feeling,

just like when i was a child. i didn’t need to be strong and dependable.

cause i am not.

i know all the cries wont lease any problems, i know it makes me dumber and more useless.

but let me be the stupid then, so i can be my self.

[in my messy office]

topic for my blog

i wonder why am  i seldom update my blog. as u see this blog is very simple and no special posts that are commented by the reader.  when i make this blog, i just follow my closest friend who loves writing. she writes poems or just diary beautifully, and all her writings reflect her feeling honestly. so i write, even i dont get the compassion of writing. actually, sometimes i enjoy this activity. It happens  when i have very strong impressions of something, which is very seldom happen. haha.


bosen, males, ngantuk

hmmm, bener-bener posting ga penting ya?

neu year

here comes the neu yeaaarrr!!

One thing i realize about this year is, surprisingly to me, this 2009 is a prime number. so, curiously, im lookin another prime year ever since i born. iterate,,,, hmmm,




1987. yes, it’s also prime number. rrr, a litle dissapointed, for i thought, this year would be my first prime-year in my life (i dont know if u ever heard this term prime year, he3)

well, it doesnt matter though, i still hope this year will go amazing.


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